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Give me a day where it’s all full and illuminated. I want to suck at the tit of progress, bleed hot serum from secret threats, digging into souls with dirty fingernails and reaching for a sun dipped in frost. Clever leaps of hurdles at the crystal hours, a prismatic hope bounced off the walls of fracture. This is a respite, a pass, where I will hang my head low and listen to the darkening of angels as their voices dip into morbid cadence, reminding me of obligation unmet. “For you’re a villain in this house, a warmonger in a land of sweet peace.” And I stare inward, allowing time to wash over me in hopes that it will purge deceit. “No,” I answer. “I am a soldier. This is not my war, but I have been sent to fight it.” And by God, I am tired. #sept27 #day27 #irispad #pass #igotnothing #selfie #selfportrait #down #profile #edit #poem #poetry #writer #writing (at Down)

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