A writer, moviemaker, former comic book store owner and web professional, Jason Santo is best known as the creative force behind MINDSCAPE PICTURES, a New England-based independent production company specializing in short cinematic, fictional narratives made on shoe-string budgets. Applauded for attention to story and character, Santo’s work toured film festivals, earned several awards and garnered a distribution deal with Tempe Entertainment which released (in collaboration with Ventura Distribution) the 2004 three-disc DVD collection “Bent.”

A magna cum laude graduate of Emerson College’s film program (class of 1998) and former president of the Emerson Film Arts Society when it was elected “Organization of the Year,” Santo was founder of Pangaea Films and Mindscape Pictures as well as a key player in the output of the microcinema outfit Random Foo Pictures. With Foo, he produced dozens of shot-on-video narratives and edited 16 hours of their short film work as a public access television series called “Fade to Black” that played on several stations throughout the United States. During this time, Santo was a frequent contributor to the popular DIY filmmaking website REwind Video, writing weekly columns regarding the ups and downs of moviemaking with limited resources. In 2002, he launched MicrocinemaScene, a website devoted to news and reviews of movies produced with next to no money or time.

Abruptly hanging up his filmmaking hat in 2005, Santo still dabbles in cinema now and again but has guided his professional career through occupations as diverse as retail comic book store ownership, real estate videography and professional web development. In 2010 he became a father to Justin Tiberius Santo and his efforts now are largely focused on ensuring that production is his best and most enduring.

In 2012, Santo returned to his first love of writing, using the peculiar medium of Instagram. There he creates (and almost exclusively posted until this site) poetry, narrative fiction and serialized tales under the name @MINDSCAPEPIX.

Santo lives on the New England seacoast with his son, girlfriend and a small menagerie of insane pets.