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Fiction, poetry, music and mindscape pictures by creative artist Jason Santo

Jason Santo

Creative Artist
I am a New England-based creative artist, father and web developer. An award-winning ultra-independent moviemaker, I've written and directed over 40 short narratives - ranging in length from 10-60 minutes. In addition to writing and directing, I have also worked as an actor, producer, editor, film score composer and director of photography. All that said, my first love is language and storytelling, so when I'm not penning poetry, I'm composing microfiction and serialized narratives.

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The latest things I've been working on

Kicking the tires

So begins three months of nothing but what I want to do. I’ve worked diligently for well over thirty years, and now – finally – some time off to concentrate on things I want to do. It’s an incredible feeling that I’ve been writing about or describing in conversation to people every day since I […]

What’s Ours, What’s Their’s

We’re crafting big Hells
In little packages,
Gift-wrapped by hands
Aching with pride,
Bones undone by the delicate task
Of inviting suffering
Where tenderness was required.

What’s Poppin?

And why wouldn’t I start a journal entry some two years after the last with a borrowed title from a TikTok-famous rap track? Truth is, not much has been poppin. Since 2020 was an anguished blur for most of us, it probably isn’t worth recounting. What can be said is that we made it through […]