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The Pains of a Slowing He[art]

My heart’s been acting up, in more ways than one. Life’s been busy, chaotic with a new commute and challenging from a friends-and-family perspective as I try to juggle the time I spend with those I love. The kids are growing remarkably fast, and I’m struggling to keep up with changes in their personalities and […]

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Things Can Change

I write this having moved this fledgling – and now rather aged – repository of creative work to yet another webhost, having grown sick of the setup I’d had previously which had me annually forgetting the process to renew and install the security certificate. Now the host does it automatically and I can breath easily […]

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Kicking the tires

So begins three months of nothing but what I want to do. I’ve worked diligently for well over thirty years, and now – finally – some time off to concentrate on things I want to do. It’s an incredible feeling that I’ve been writing about or describing in conversation to people every day since I […]

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The Will and the Way

My life changed drastically in August. It was for the better – it remains so much for the better – but like all huge changes, it takes time to assimilate all those stray pieces of your existence into a new and durable routine. As a result, I’m still playing life-Jenga and it’s a little frustrating, […]

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This goes here. That goes there.

This is kind of a turgid brainspill, so I apologize if you’re here reading it as I believe most entries here going forward are going to be more about me sorting through my thoughts and less about me sharing creativity. It’s been a couple weeks since I swung by and did a little organizing. My days […]

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Well Now. This is Quite a Mess.

So I’ve decided to collapse as many of my online ramblings as I could into this website and in doing so I’ve managed to create a bit of a tire fire in terms of organization. At the same time, I’m constantly debating with myself what’s actually going to live here and what isn’t. I guess […]

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Why this?

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve blogged. While I’ve dabbled with Blogger (well past the point any self-respecting web developer would), that was a six month experiment largely geared toward using my domain to get out some of the new writing I was doing. Four years or so later, I’ve been tasked with […]

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Your 3rd Birthday

To Justin on the occasion of your third birthday. I need to tell you, son: I love you in ways so unique they sometimes frighten me. Your smile sometimes makes my eyes water, partially from pride and partially from a longing to be good enough to deserve it. The way you take in happiness with […]

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In Order

Squares watchwith perfect orderthe chaotic playof sunlight’s shimmering end,sparkling denouementfluttering by windthat dares to throwshade before passage. Curled as one in blur,lessons playand their bond mergesfondness and idealism,sanctity of quieter momentsprotected insidefrom the blusterof colorful flight. Still the distance swims around them,unnoticed but crawlingthrough perfect lines,ninety-degree anglesaligning in a worldwhere symmetry silently attemptsrule over beauty’s […]

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Shot with a Canon t2i using a 50mm, f1.4 lensIn the middle of a thought. In the middle of a small town, at the edge of a park, in the middle of a day surrounded by bustling onlookers striving for the next best thing. Concentrated, devoid of water and dilution a stray principle embodying weakness […]

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