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Carnivorous Musings – Winter 2024 Mix (20240102)

The first of many archived seasonal playlists which, sadly, have become my only consistent creative expression these many, many years!

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Yuletide Smash – Special Winter 2024 Mix (20231221)

Yeah, I’ve been using the same Christmas music playlist for about twenty years now, maybe adding a song or two every few years. This year, inspired by a buddy of mine, I decided to go ahead and find a whole playlist full of new Christmas tunes. And what resulted was this blue bit of yuletide […]

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Songs for the Colt – Fall 1992 Mix (19920903)

Originally a 60 minute cassette mix. Side 1: “On Our Way to Walgreens.” Side 2: “A Little Variety.” On Spotify, this mix was corrupted by what I consider a pretty inferior revision to “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss” by P.M. Dawn, so I’m preserving the original sound of the mix by including the album version […]

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