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Drawn up from solitude
with an addiction to promise,
wait wait sweet soul
and breath lust another day.
Fire aura exploding
with charnel decay,
wait wait darling
and crave love for today.
Moving in rhythm
sliding as one in night’s groan,
wait wait baby
and dream this away.
Hands exploring
the soft stuttering of will,
wait wait honey
and sigh in the sway.
Together in the grip of this,
a broken fuck and passionless kiss,
a hunger sated like a scratched itch,
a heart empty of extended bliss.
Feeling fine in the morning light,
loneliness having taken flight,
the weakness of now a sleepless night, dispelling darkness with caustic delight.
Done with overthinking
now bodies curl in dawn’s tide,
wait wait sugar
and shorten the stay.
Discovered in eagerness
that passion’s a play,
wait wait sexy
keep the end at bay.
Hollow chests still beating
staccato desires and yearning,
wait wait angel
now it’s time to pray.
For affections to bloom
like spring roses in the rain,
wait wait dear love
there’s nothing left to say.


The striking @alwayschiroptera permitted me to use this shot she posted yesterday as a writing prompt, and I thank her for the gift. Our second collaboration, and decidedly different from the first even as the photo subjects are similar yet edited in vastly different ways.

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