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I Am Santo

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Bled by light, chemical burns and crushed within fists shaking from violent rage, dark eyes penetrate. Cancers pervasive in the edges of this self portrait, growing, eating, fucking and clawing with eagerness to end the tinny clarion setting hairs on end, tearing kindness from saints. Glares and flares, deepened stares, the enemy of reason and a switchblade heart equipped for the surgery of hope. Extraction and filth, piracy and modern nuance, teeth stained with the blood of decadent nocturnes. Sleep and see his visit; arising from the depths of destruction, a castoff angel with seared wings seeking revenge on the people of the sun. His damage floats on the sea of dreams, flotsam in the flooded corridors of peace. #irispad #day23 #sept23 #selfportrait #edit #selfie #flare #polaroid #writing #poem #writer #streamofconsciousness #poetry #words (at Under the Carseat)

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