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Volley and gambit, crazed lassos of reckless curiosity cast and tightening around this, that, a thing there and a world gleaming in new wonder; oh how you’ve divined the water of life and air of love from a world too often fraught with tremble and disease. You unearthed the well-spring of rejuvenation, unsullied the gorgeous prize from the routine waking, walking, working, waiting. There’s no appreciation grand enough, no beach carrying enough sand grains to count as each and every one of the remarkable strengths you exhibit as you foster the unpredictable and wild, wrestle the doubt, challenge the entropy of fierce youth. It’s an accordion of faith, lungs empty and full with the next blast of patience, and so much debt owed by your less burdened partner in this world-crashing endeavor. It’s changed, this fashioned whirlwind of a life, and evolution inundates the grand disorder of wicked seasons. But each curlicue in the path, every bent circuit, swings into safety with love as your navigator, a gleaming star so bright that the course is infallible even as storms rage and waves pull at derelict duty, the help you cannot count on, the dreams you mustn’t embrace. Please know nothing committed is thankless. Please know you’re a wonder greater than gravity’s will and the triumph of spring blossoms. You are the birth and rebirth, the great victory over chaos; an ocean of steady tides by which civilizations prosper. You tame fire, bleeding cinders of fresh hope. You bless the future with Promethean certainty and the shapeless mud of now molds into your graceful image, a Goddess claiming sovereignty over tomorrow, flooding confused tributaries with stable currents.

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