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She was not a widow, but Elyse earned that same kind of sympathy and avoidance wherever she went. She’d spend long hours staring in the mirror during her morning routine, applying lotions and makeup, trying to look and smell the part of everyone else around her. She wore kind dresses with necklines providing an easy view of her full chest, especially for the men that stood around her desk waiting for the elevator to take them down and away. They would have a glimpse and she’d grin, but rarely would they say hello. At lunch, Elyse smiled in sunlight, her blonde hair a sun-blossomed aura, and almost every day she wore skirts above her kneeline to display the efforts of her weekly three visits to the gym. The women’s magazines told her how to do everything from walking, to eating, to making men come in twenty new and exciting ways, and yet her nights were largely spent alone, her hands busy with the work of tapering her own desires.


(1/3) This is another collaboration with the lovely @instablond1. Her photo, my edit and #microfiction. The words poured from me during this collaboration. Hugely thankful to you, Bar, for the inspiration.

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