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When she didn’t show at work on that Monday and Tuesday, her boss Lorna called Elyse’s home and cell numbers with a lump stuck in her throat. There was no answer and there never would be again. One day sad Elyse was here and the next she was not. Lorna still thought of her often, […]

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She’d fantasize about the weight of a faceless stranger bearing down on her, the full hardness of him thick and long driving her to the edge, his strong hand clutching her throat as she gave in to the burning bliss of climax. Then she would lay naked in the gauzy orange of morning spilling through […]

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She was not a widow, but Elyse earned that same kind of sympathy and avoidance wherever she went. She’d spend long hours staring in the mirror during her morning routine, applying lotions and makeup, trying to look and smell the part of everyone else around her. She wore kind dresses with necklines providing an easy […]

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