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I Am Santo

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My God, can we make all of it beautiful? Can we round out all of the edges that threaten splinters and sing in full voices when our lungs cave under shame? A brilliance cast across the mundane, soft wonder in the fleeting moments between our need. We grip the sun in aching fingers, our souls stretched thin as cirrus film exposed by her constant divinity. To love is to fracture grief, shattering icicle tendrils creeping toward the flawed ground. It’s fed by heat, a desire sweat in melting congress with the hard length of nature’s mercy forever driving down, in, thorough and forever fuller than a capacity to accept. Skyfire melts the approach with euphoric infernos, and we fly like Icarus with our matchstick hopes. #sun #morning #clouds #comtrails #silhouette #arrestingprogress #newhampshire #godlight #sky #brilliant #poem #poetry #portsmouthnh #greatbay #writer #writing (at Scorched Flight)

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