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Maybe it was the roundness of her eyes or the deep warm brown of her irises that hinted at a universe of thoughts she had swirling like galaxies in her mind. Inviting the curious. It was as if the firmament went out. She wondered if her eyes now just held cold dead space that no one was brave enough to stare into; a hungry abyss that was the color of her loneliness. Men and women. They seemed unable to look at her any longer, despite assurances of her ravishing beauty. She stepped into solitude, a maiden draped in knowledge and robust heart instead of silk finery and reticence; her mind as limitless as night sky and to be spoken! Perhaps they found such forthrightness unbecoming. Let them. She had bigger plans than to appease, and if she was as lovely as each said with their candle wax pronouncements dripping from their wary lips, she would trim their wicks with a quick sideways glance, hinting that those fires still burned within her; those faraway suns possessed even more mystery than ever. It was then she smiled again, confident in stride. Relegated to nothing and no one. ¬†Aware that her definitions defied and her value needn’t any assessment.¬†


Sometimes a story resides in a simple glance. Thank you to @theeglantine, as always, for allowing me to steal a tale from her always expressive beauty. She could have written it better, but I’m still glad to have had the shot. Her photo, my edit and words.

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