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Mirror mirror, asked on that wall. For you are the fairest of them all. Can you not see? This fairy tale holds no place for others. This happily ever after is yours and no one else’s. Princes may come and go, but your beauty and this divine reflection will stay forever, assuring you of the […]

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Maybe it was the roundness of her eyes or the deep warm brown of her irises that hinted at a universe of thoughts she had swirling like galaxies in her mind. Inviting the curious. It was as if the firmament went out. She wondered if her eyes now just held cold dead space that no […]

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Swimming in the sweat of God There’s delight Under palms, Against the body, Held aloft as the salt Boueys  Reminding the restless That there’s a place of belonging Lurking around each  Staggering day. Empty kisses and  The graceless fuck Make waves, Patch the deistic sea With freshwater That pulls like whirlpools Into the drowning of […]

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