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I Am Santo

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I want to melt with the day. Feel the cascade for her leaving, the drip of hours down the bumps of my spine. Clear my head of obligation’s webs, threads of gossamer duty spun to mighty ideals that crack my knees; lower my head. It isn’t too late to forgo this mission. A tiny rebel under forced night, I cater to whimsy and flash decadent preference even as the world floods with purpose. To drink from you would be divine, and to allow your wet to bathe me in calm is the worthy surrender. Yet I steel myself in order. I flatten dreams into the press of belonging, and I sing hymnals to join the chorus, wanting to stand out like a cloud on a clear horizon; a flaw in heaven’s design. #dusk #sunset #river #water #reflection #trees #clouds #sky #writer #writing #poem #poetry #dovernh #literary_imagery (at Between Haste and Indifference)

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