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Thin Skin

The venom wasn’t fatal. Breath would be drawn after the countless strikes at a fragile ego, but whatever course had been originally settled upon shifted suddenly and irrevocably. Nothing fit afterward, as if the world was composed of incongruous shapes that bore no relation to each other and floated in unfixed points throughout each day […]

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Under Passion’s Claim

It’s those that share the air with us that are expected to draw from our clutter of irrationality a viper filled with poisonous strikes, but it’s instead the unknown; those colors and shapes undefined in daily life that could appear potentially so magnetic that our fixed position falters and we lose our senses, falling in […]

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The Watcher

She was tall. Not awkwardly, but her height seemed to possess an attitude of its own accord, a complement to her bob haircut and sharp eyes which met his at several points throughout the night, holding his attention with a striking willingness he’d no experience receiving. In fact, it was a constant question throughout the […]

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The Leaving

She’d stopped listening to him and averted her eyes so even if he tried to sway her with a practiced, knowing look, she wouldn’t see it. Her mind had finished the race and now was dormant, for she’d also stopped talking. He had, only hours before while they clung together in spent passion, known the […]

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Black’s End

Blue, Green and Brown, they watch with a brand of attention that requires faith more than any religion, despite proof being tactile, devoted and welling up in great breaths as muscles grow tight and hearts momentarily arrest in their steady march into the next moment; time spent trading words like precious commerce for a broken […]

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Soft Edges

She was a million shards of glass splintered across an endless stretch of ground where no two pieces could find their mate without crossing an impossible gulf. Without a center, she’d spun off from everything as if gravity had no providence over her spirit. Floating away, lost to the stars and black, she didn’t understand […]

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In Her Orbit

The scars on the windowsills, don’t they hint at love? The care of the tape being applied each season the trees sprout their new life and the air warms as if bathed in the sun’s breath, she blockades her home as would a frontiersman his clan. It’s a gesture expected, perhaps common were it not […]

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Stay Here

Can we glance downward for a moment? Study the firmness of the uneven surface upon which we stand with locked legs unyielding to schedules and responsibilities, but instead made still by a command not from within so much as an answer to this moment. Can we arrest our search for the next pleasure, a quick […]

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A Nation

iPhone 5 shot These worries swimming inside a busy mind carry no shifting weight, the fulcrum centered between burden and effort so all outwit gravity’s tendency and hold steady at each fixed point, adjustments made at center for it is not locked down – it is not threatened. The ground underfoot is steady, even as […]

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A Past Unforgotten

His hands were not spotted with the rigors of age, but drawn upon with the sinking of skin and the ink of veins carrying old blood; green tributaries of life that spread through his forearm and into the back of his hand as would a highway across a map connecting major cities. His eyes, bright […]

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