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These plates in the cabinets or the special trinkets from a life of bustle within the margins, they’re too safe behind the glass. From the discarded cells of ten thousand days, or the heavy footfalls of a disappointed heart, they sit protected and untouched, periphery dressings in a world domesticated by routine and propriety. Smash […]

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His Light, Your Lesson

The light in his eyes is often attributed to his parents, who share the same cerulean shade that dazzles those who meet him. Yet the sparkle isn’t from the ladders of his genes, a submolecular chain of binary that programs so much. In part, this shine is developed from his enthusiasm for this world, his […]

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Love Her

It’s the curves of them, those divine contours of skin and shape that challenge the veracity of a Godless universe. The soul too, it’s colored differently than that of the opposite sex. It’s a palette of sweet vulnerability hiding under layers of strength, stamina, resilience, and frequently patience for the other half of the world […]

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You Know Better

These smiles are forced and its surprising they haven’t creased my face like crows feet at the corners of the eyes on an ancient sun-worshipper. You make me feel old and out of touch, as if somewhere during my years I stopped listening and just started believing I was right. I am never right, but […]

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Lone Star

Long dusty fingers lined in deep creases with the kind of dirt that no amount of lather or effort can wash clean, pinched a cigarette between two wooden fingernails as he strode across the craggy asphalt. It was still day, but only by the slimmest definition for the sun was swallowed by the horizon leaving […]

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The footsteps echo with needs and endless desires striving for forever more than this moment. New footfalls, but unheard behind the noise of busy plans and searching eyes that scan the world ahead as much as the mind searches a world behind. Clouds gather above and split the infinite clear gently as storms gather an […]

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The Hate

I have been awash in cynicism too long, with internal thorns lending no protection, no justifiable reason for their existence beyond the obvious – self harm – and that’s not justifiable. It’s masochistic. It’s self flagellation, these piercing daggers stemming from a nature of what? Callous self-preservation? A requirement to fit in and sip the […]

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Gavin Elliot knew the moment their eyes first met that he would love Penelope the rest of his life. The din of the room fell away; busy, hurried bodies lost to those seconds her gaze held his. Did she feel it too? Could she understand the tidal pull he felt seeing her for the first […]

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His Lover’s Kiss

There was something explosive which occurred between them when they first kissed.  It was sudden and turbulent and terrific and sensual.  All at once, unfinished explanations and stifled declarations found their end in a rapturous embrace.  Soft lips which had failed so many times to accurately convey feelings through speech became the writers of sweet, […]

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