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Black’s End

Blue, Green and Brown, they watch with a brand of attention that requires faith more than any religion, despite proof being tactile, devoted and welling up in great breaths as muscles grow tight and hearts momentarily arrest in their steady march into the next moment; time spent trading words like precious commerce for a broken heart’s value. This is a cracked center, around which affections dance to obvious rhythms unheard within, and its brittle design affords little agility to pretend at sharing music. It dies as they draw near; shedding sheets of ashen pulp upon which are written obtuse declarations of needs unable to be met, desires drying under black suns.

From two there came one, and as three the ground grew unlevel and cast youth into a drowning fall where the airless dark swallowed a tarnished heart, spit it back onto a desert trek and then retreated as if only a temporary eclipse, proof forgotten during the softening of days that rolled as grapes into press. Extracted was Black, the finest vitality; blood to nourish, sweat to intoxicate, and seed to demand primal groans from adorned wombs hungry for light laced with darkness.

And so Blue bound to Black and the spiral of their joy flushed cheeks while drawing applause from a golden flock that celebrated, talons sheathed, the ascension within their happy ranks. It could not last, and as Navy birthed Red and was left the purple of a day’s final breath, so too did the darkness retreat leaving in its wake a violet star; a mother guiding precious life stung by black, but glowing vibrantly restless like a quasar, fire at its center, red cool skin at its surface.

And the Black scorched Earth as passion with Green, crushing mountains and churning seas as if mixing every known perspective into new truths where gravity held nothing close and distance was irrelevant. In their heat, spines cracked at the heights of wet congress, teeth sinking into flesh and memory shattered as if written in sand. The Green grew a verdant emerald, wrapping crystal arms around the shadow in effort to capture and cure the poison core. The embrace found air instead.

And it was so that Black curled into Brown, a complement of suffocating light and acceptance sought to strike together as flint and stone, spraying their sparks across a dead firmament where stars would regain their luster, fed by nuclear ardor. Merged by need, their dark cried a single wail of exaltation and slipped from their clinging form to unveil the sum of all color – the pure white of final adoration.

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