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Even the evil love their children. Exhibiting tenderness in quiet moments when their decisions for selfish gain at the expense of others plays as underscore to the smiles and warmth traded with young eyes filled with love and trust. Is there worry in their hearts, these callous shepherds of greed, that their innocence will someday […]

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This magic green, a verdant swirl of calm inhaled when the lights dim and laughter dances, it spits me out a half-chewed relic of hypocritical belief and misplaced blame. Wrapped in its cloak of hazy reasoning, judgement slips and restricted tendencies lurking below practiced coloring within lines seize the soul and hands, a cure for […]

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She Sees

Whose eyes are these that study you? Whose words are these that spill – that search for your smile and release your feral heart? For you are wild and there is no time for editing. The first flood of adoration comes unbidden, yet premeditated, a calculated measure of sincerity as if celluloid performance for review […]

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Living With It

My impatient eyes know too little of you and jealousy courses through my veins informing blood as much as oxygen, coloring the roads under this thin skin green instead of blue. I’ve loved you too much and for too long, known too much dissatisfaction in the course of these many days to be expected to […]

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May 18

The day is marked forever in equal measures of forgiveness and fright, a night that brought a darkness as unimaginable as the pain, odds and measure of brutality she fought against. She found the comfort of first position and knew there was a chance she’d exit these days as she had started them in the […]

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Sand Grains

Our love had transformed to cancer long before the night I said goodbye to you, turned away and still. It had grown feeble and weak, a shell of anything that once resembled passion with only the thinnest lining of care a tenuous bond between us as you stood across the short distance of our kitchen […]

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Time is water, the liquid slaughter of hope. No matter how control is exerted, the seconds would slip through the cracks of our moments together, collecting in pools on the other side of our desire to remind that this joy was finite. I tried to deny myself rest, wanted to halt any physical need beyond […]

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In the quiet of this gray dawn, we lied on tossed damp sheets and, window open, allowed the cool humid air to caress our bare skin as we listened to the rain on the leaves. Now and again, the gentle lilt of our boy’s voice would arc, marrying with avian melody over the soft outside […]

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Opening You

I’ve heard your sex called a flower, but I’ve not believed that accurate for a flower opens indiscriminately, and what lies at your center is home for only the most privileged. She is private, sensitive beauty that could occasionally be seen as delicate as the thin petals, fibrous and hungry for light, but truth told […]

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Pull down this tattered collar and reveal what lies beneath, where so many eyes pry. For your flesh, love, their own pleasure and perhaps yours, it’s a crane of the neck to afford a view at something you don’t mind showing if the time is right, the light proper, the mood a swirl of lust, […]

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