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When she breathed, he felt her. When she laughed, he grinned. In the fantasia of their ardor, she donned a mask but he knew her, could see her, would love her. Their lips were designed to kiss one another’s. And in the hot rhythm of celebration, amid the colors of reveling masses, he took her by the hand, lifted the mask and told her to fear nothing. Now was their time, and despite miles of longing and circumstance, they fell into each other as if the sky were beneath them; the infinite plummet into what had lay above them now a Heaven on Earth. “If you fall again, fall with me,” he said. She smiled, bringing herself to him in a fierce embrace. “We fall together,” she said simply. And at night they can still be seen in their ascent, a brilliant star the course by which the broken-hearted find new faith; a fire aglow in the firmament dimming doubts and fanning bliss.

My second collaboration with @alice.artc is for all those lovers out there celebrating today (or not) apart. I personally love a day dedicated to love. Sure we should live every day with this kind of reverence for whomever holds our heart and no, I do not think it should be about gifts. It’s love. And often it’s easy to forget how blessed we are to feel it at all. Thank you, Alice, for the photo. Expect more collaborations soon as winter has left this New Englander with nothing but a phone full of snow shots. :-/

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