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Unflinching. Unopened. These wide open eyes with fixed irises tell no tale of light’s injustice or the hard, weathered shell of smooth longing. Granite folly and the stuttering heart of concrete majesty stands emblematic of spent passions and incapable desires. Adorning the mundane, it’s expended effort; spilled seed anywhere but where life could spark in its miraculous graft at chaos. Immobile and wretched, it’s man’s play at divinity, the sweet capture of frozen moments to be glanced upon by unappreciative eyes. They’re forgotten quicker than their expiring masters, but not by much as they last until the cold hammer of industry or the unforgiving crush of nature shatters.


Original photo by @picpoet_is_not_here, who definitely is here again – for now – and inspiring. Andreas’s account compelled me to write honestly, wrote better and write more. I composed this piece to this picture which he’d captioned with a poem. My writing and his belong together, so hopefully he’ll post his in the comments.

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