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The sigh was a measure of indefatigable longing. It stretched as if wind across a desert, as if her lungs were chasms at the edge of the world that bore into Earth’s passion hidden deep from the surface. “Break me,” she instructed. And so he moved over her, his lips and fingers tracing her contours as will cracked. Such measured resilience had defined them, but all walls fell sooner or later. No fortress was immune. Because these hollow defenses were constructed to keep the frightening at bay, they had no recourse when the threat came from within. To get what they want, lovers need only drop the gates and step into the open, hearts exposed. And they stood in the night, hands diligent with pleasure, and awaited the sun and its greedy fire. But they would not burn. They would shine; two stars in the constellation of belonging.


A collaboration with my friend and muse @christinehunt76 who took the photo and did the initial crop. I did additional editing and, as usual, added words. Because that’s what I do.

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