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The cloud canvas explodes with nature’s lust and a huger unsated despite the arrogant swell of her bosom. She’ll tantalize. She’ll uncross her legs and pull longing as if it were a stray thread leading to the unraveled folly of gravity’s earnest hold. Falling into the sky, there’s a sense that Heaven awaits somewhere past the curtain of night. Lips made wet with desire, the slippery need of an attraction in parallel, weightless hearts ascend and then catch orbit. Around her. Around the pull of ardor and the promise of home. There was never a prayer as devout as what’s done on these bent knees, never a liturgy as wholly consuming as the need to quake under hot breath, firm grip, long release. The stammer and shake of this gorgeous sin bestows upon an hour a slight turn away, the flight of day. To be taken into the mouth of her trust, to be tasted and coat with the spill of salt and seed; it’s a waking dream under the raging colors of the sun’s exit. Bathing in the red until the cool blue of calm descends despite the torrid grasp of heated minutes. Where she holds tight. Where land and sky melt. Where the body steels, heart stopping, and beautiful darkness arrives sweetly to remind an ultimate truth: you are not alone. In those moments where she welcomed you, you were never alone. #poetry #poet #writer #writing #poem #verse #dusk #clouds #sky #poetry_addicts #mobile_artistry #sunset (at The Luminance Fade)

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