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I Am Santo

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The chance to get it right. It’s represented in small moves, smiles and head bobs that spy things now long unnoticed. Pens as drumsticks. A stage as adequate for play as a park. Long windows gathering day. The wonder of wind and its play in the fabric that binds brothers and sisters, lovers, thieves and valor. Small dreams, lost to the amnesia of youth, but still present; in the stomach, the liver, the thumping chest beating rabbit pace, and an unsatisfied mind, constantly hungry and aching for the next, the bright, the delightful hurry. Get it right! Love with blood and feel that rhythm of selflessness, that wholeness drawing in every scattered thought to pristine focus. Fragile needs skitter, dried leaves on cracked sidewalks at autumn’s gray end. Chance holds the cards, a dealer’s advantage, but fight always for the upper hand, chewing through odds as if delicious challenge – adulthood the long dessert of a life well prepared. #son #child #discovery #flag #window #backlit #america #poem #poetry #youth #love #writer #writing #barleypub #dovernh (at The Second Chance)

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