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The accordion slide of days, with hours squeezed from dawn and released after dusk, sets minutes to measured tones. Low notes suffocate. Highs liberate. And each compression unpredictably threatens discord to open souls, divine fingers either imperfect in their play or malicious. So close off, lock up, place a grand shield over a hole in which to lay as if cold ground were womb. No chances taken, the melodies of Earth’s spin die; the hidden now deaf to the music of God calling for fearless living. It’s a perilous shoreline to tread, jagged and windswept with tides that urge a return to the sea, but no siren lays a trance – it’s all choice. Live, die, love, fuck, hide, breathe, cry, wonder. Know! Fight! Be better than the moonrise, stronger than the sun’s claim, and louder than the aria of time. Scream for freedom, tear clothes from hungry flesh and brave the cold mystery of futures stretching from the edge of the world. They will reach. And in the shiver of acceptance, fear will flirt at every corner, but faith will warm as a hot stone on thin ice, melting the hard, smoothing the sharp, allowing passage to rich depths that await. To drown is chance, but to find bottom is certainty. Plummet, welcome the descent and then crack and leave the shell behind, rising to the surface as air, cresting in union with the great anthem of life – it’s your music. Don’t hide. Listen. Live. Be. #poetry #poet #poem #hope #sunrise #beach #shore #snow #clouds #silhouette #poetry_addicts #mobile_artistry (at Big Big World)

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