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She’s gone. For every mistake, each lash of reflected disdain’s whip and tear shed at silent admonishment for all of it, there was now a shard. The biggest pieces of herself still shown back: the need for his grip on her hips, the yearning for importance in all of their lives, the desire to walk straighter lines or at least not diverge so wildly that her course threatens. But smaller selves now found new light in their angle away from her. Those surface flaws and constant brow beats over looks, money, rights and wrongs. She now caught the sun in new ways and turned that imperious judgement toward the cracks in logic surrounding her, not within. No one is dealt a clean hand. There are cards to trade, suits to match and faith found in numbers. There was love outside that looking glass, surrounding her, and it was time the break was made; time she saw what they did. Old lives weren’t worth salvation unless a wounded core healed. And regardless of the scars, she would wear her soul as bared skin. She stepped naked over the shattered remnants of her past and the glass tried to pronounce one last sentence on her as she left; catching those hurts in frail light. And as the sting of their needle hate drew blood from her feet, she smiled because she would leave drying tracks of herself behind as if she’d leached her contempt from within, leaving it for any who’d held her back; especially the frail girl locked in the mirror. She’s gone. She’ll live on.


Original photo by @michelleko who had such a compelling, wonderful vision that she shares each day on IG. I did a small but if editing and wrote the story, but owe Michelle the credit as she sent me this in response to my tipsy plea for writing prompts last night. I love IG for the friendships it has produced and Michelle’s support for whatever it is I am doing here has been huge to me. Thank you as always, my friend.

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