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Carolann typically didn’t run hot like this, but Brad was drunk and she was too, so the rush of her anger came on like a train on fire after a steady build all evening. She’d listened to him talk about their love life jokingly to their friends all during their annual Cinco de Mayo excursion, […]

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She’s gone. For every mistake, each lash of reflected disdain’s whip and tear shed at silent admonishment for all of it, there was now a shard. The biggest pieces of herself still shown back: the need for his grip on her hips, the yearning for importance in all of their lives, the desire to walk […]

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Rage shatters blessed vision, instinct unleashed. Feral emotion spreading as fire over a starved plain, and shards splinter as smoke in this burning moment, reason undone. Pleasures inhabit distant lands, seducing, laughing, flourishing in wet heat, breaths hitched and worry choked. So far from here where light cracks, breaking worship, murdering intention, efforts expiring with […]

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