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I can’t switch with him. I can’t return to the days when worries were over trivial concerns but felt like meteors hitting the Earth. The small but passionate pleas for control, trembling fury coursing through a small frame as if the agitation could will the tides of happenstance to pull by my waxing desire, my waning interest. Youthful moon, you illuminate and control, a terrestrial body with profound gravity never relenting, always demanding the extra moment. I knew that it would end, the dominance over hours. I felt it fading as my body shifted, muscles thickening and skin stretching. I was on a rope losing tenacity over a sharp ledge, the burn on my hands and the fright of falling chasing my pulse into frenzy. I would sever my ties with youth and plummet into adulthood as others dove. And I see you admiring my form, my hair and strength, wanting to grow and understand, wanting to be big. I cry at that thought. You have it now. Perfection is in your small steps which I can never take again. #irispad #switch #youth #shoes #baby #steps #poem #poetry #writing #writer #fit #unfit #wish #big (at Youth)

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