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I Am Santo

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He wanted to be the first star in everyone’s sky, the glimmer that snuck at the corner of attention, seized thoughts and drew worship. He wanted to disobey the rule of days, burn brighter than the sun and pull oceans harder than the moon. Furtive maneuvers clung to sweat-drenched lust, word spills of oil killing oceans of reluctance and the glow brightened over horizons unimagined, tender bodies stretched longingly for a hint of starshine. Across light-years, his nuclear past laid waste to every happiness, grounds failing to the famine of his heart and blasted into deserts. Unrelenting, his rage blasted harder, blinding bright as sands fused to looking glass where reflection awaited, crooked and true. Dimming desires gifted fertile futures, aglow in his own light there was hope. #sunset #dusk #marsh #portsmouthnh #evening #autumn #fall #poem #poetry #star #sun #writer #writing (at His Light)

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