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There it was again. Another dusk. Gabriel was tired of beauty and miracles. He would drive by the marsh each day as the sky faded, a long nine-to-five behind him and the belt and button of his tight slacks undone for the ride home. Clouds would bloom and sway like dancers at a Renoir patio […]

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He wanted to be the first star in everyone’s sky, the glimmer that snuck at the corner of attention, seized thoughts and drew worship. He wanted to disobey the rule of days, burn brighter than the sun and pull oceans harder than the moon. Furtive maneuvers clung to sweat-drenched lust, word spills of oil killing […]

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Tranquil horizons melt under gray turmoil, and verdant lands stretch, yawning, to recharge under inclement rolls of curdled breath. Dusk silenced by the kettledrum calls of approaching fervor, the gasp of saffron light conducts leaves to open, legs to spread for the welcoming flood. Storms exact quivering lips, tensed thighs, great exhales from starved lands […]

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