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Drawn in salt, in the sweat of our effort, are these rules; man made guidelines for our protection and diligence. They bark and threaten with punishments to keep us in line. Keep safe. Color in the lines. Follow with one foot in front of the other to ensure it all goes as planned in this colorful dance called life. Suns spend and days bleed eagerly into somnambulant rhythm while we strive for new heights, sing in best voices to sway the devoted as a choir would God-loving fools. See the signs, following in honor the best practices of nodded heads, grey beards and wrinkled faces judging the flights of fancy surrounding each courteous welcome, each tipped acknowledgment. “Can’t get there from here,” some might say thickly, belief tangible. But we are all crows with the destination obvious. It’s how we arrive that suggests reward, if we arrive at all. #irispad #day20 #sept20 #manmade #sign #rules #donotenter #sun #sunset #urban #dusk #portsmouthnh #portsmouth #city #poem #poetry #writer #writing (at Arrival)

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