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Cross your legs as children do, without reason, doing so because it feels right and is what you want. Carry yourself with disinterest for the style surrounding. Cough too loud, redfaced amusement impenetrable through your bulletproof hubris. Each day as if it were only yours, the run of hours a display for your favor, disdain coming easy when your desires are unmet. The mirror welcomes a friend. Every decision is yours to make. Laugh with a sense of deserving, as propriety hangs on the antlers of moose playing reindeer games, and the air still tastes lilac sweet. Kiss, hug, forget the bigger picture, allowing all to be swallowed in coarse rhetoric, spider legs unnervingly lined with hair and tugging lines connecting you to everyone else. A selfish game, indulge. To not would chase years away into a drowning pool of adulthood, feast for spiders draining your blood as if a finest vintage. #irispad #legs #myoriginalideadisntwork #poem #poetry #child #toddler #kid #boy #love #son #youth #young #sweet #relaxed #laidback (at Youth)

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