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Shot with a Canon t2i using a 50mm, f1.4 lensI stand easy, back straight, but shoulders sunk to hide an agitated nature. In my pocket is a hooked thumb, palm flat to baggy denim. It’s a casual facade, masking nerves and trepidation that I’ll drown in my own flood of words, mistakenly citing facts and […]

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Shot with a Canon t2i using a 50mm, f1.4 lensSo many believe it comes with ease, this curl of the lips, the reveal of these artificially strengthened teeth. Nights of correction and discipline, plastic guards pushing straightened lines to appeal. Reaffirming attraction, desirable tendency the bait for suitable match, this clinging hope surrounded every moment […]

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Belong and Dream

iPhone 5 shotCaught in the glow of afternoon’s final gifts, she instructs his eager lesson, and I sit apart from their moment, in awe of the connection shared to the day, the minute, the learning and one another. Bound by sun, blood, and soul, they smile, eyes shining the same blue and fill an ailing […]

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iPhone 5 shotMy days rob the air of beauty. My nights steal passion from practice. Sleep comes as mercy to angry stirrings of escape. Distress darkens every corner of mundane rooms. To fail here pronounces common sentence; neither thief nor liar nor cheat, but jailed just the same. The sun insults as the moon dishonors, […]

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Thin Skin

The venom wasn’t fatal. Breath would be drawn after the countless strikes at a fragile ego, but whatever course had been originally settled upon shifted suddenly and irrevocably. Nothing fit afterward, as if the world was composed of incongruous shapes that bore no relation to each other and floated in unfixed points throughout each day […]

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Even the evil love their children. Exhibiting tenderness in quiet moments when their decisions for selfish gain at the expense of others plays as underscore to the smiles and warmth traded with young eyes filled with love and trust. Is there worry in their hearts, these callous shepherds of greed, that their innocence will someday […]

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iPhone 5 shot In this morning light, you were older than those years scrawled on calendar pages turned and forgotten. You looked at me with hair strewn about your head, straw spun by sleep and dreams, and your eyes said, “I will get older. My skin will stretch and my muscles will grow, my shoulders […]

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Sand Grains

Our love had transformed to cancer long before the night I said goodbye to you, turned away and still. It had grown feeble and weak, a shell of anything that once resembled passion with only the thinnest lining of care a tenuous bond between us as you stood across the short distance of our kitchen […]

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In the quiet of this gray dawn, we lied on tossed damp sheets and, window open, allowed the cool humid air to caress our bare skin as we listened to the rain on the leaves. Now and again, the gentle lilt of our boy’s voice would arc, marrying with avian melody over the soft outside […]

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Getting Off the Bench

Hopefully advances in technology will get me to spend a little more time writing and less time wishing that I write. God, for close to ten years I’ve been in this kind of creative stasis, perpetually wishing I was creating instead of actually creating. Perhaps I’m more happy wishing, or maybe I’m afraid of further […]

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