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Justin Tiberius Santo, age 2
iPhone 5 shot

In this morning light, you were older than those years scrawled on calendar pages turned and forgotten. You looked at me with hair strewn about your head, straw spun by sleep and dreams, and your eyes said, “I will get older. My skin will stretch and my muscles will grow, my shoulders expanding and my height surprising you. I will think for myself and, more importantly, I will do for myself. I will love and fail, fly and trip, be restless and spend lazy afternoons with thoughts that slide around my mind like melting ice cubes in warm sun. Yet more than anything else, I will be your son. No matter how much changes, this will always be the case.” And so I nodded and my thumb pressed and then moved from the button to capture this moment. But I revisit here often, thinking of all of what’s to come and always keeping in mind that which has already arrived.

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