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His Lover’s Kiss

There was something explosive which occurred between them when they first kissed.  It was sudden and turbulent and terrific and sensual.  All at once, unfinished explanations and stifled declarations found their end in a rapturous embrace.  Soft lips which had failed so many times to accurately convey feelings through speech became the writers of sweet, silent verse.

At first it was terrifically passionate.  He was afraid she would recoil, and at first there did seem to be a slight give, but after a quick moment of awkwardness, her lips pressed firmly against his own and her open mouth breathed into him.  He moved his lips over hers seductively, gently brushing them over her chin and the side of her face now and then.   His hands tensed, grasping and sliding up her sides, the bases of his palms gliding over the sides of her breasts.  They stopped moving when they reached her long dark curls and he held the back of her head firmly as he pressed into her.

She turned her head upwards and let out a soft whine.  He was afraid it was over, but she held him by the sleeves of his shirt and pulled him close to her.  His lips found the pale skin of her neck and throat and he slowly kissed her down to her collarbone, all the while listening to her heightened breathing.  Her muscles stiffened and she raised herself on her tip-toes, falling against the wall behind her.  He continued to kiss her body, moving his mouth into the open “V” of her denim button-up shirt, tasting her, smelling her, his hands moving up the back of the untucked shirt over her smooth, warm skin.  

Her hands left his arms suddenly and she held the sides of his face.   Then she kissed him, a kiss so long and so terribly passionate that he could hardly answer back with any of his own ardor.  She was drinking from him now, tasting him.  Her tongue slid over his lips, into and out-of his mouth.  He forced her against the wall, his arms gripping her tightly under her shirt, his palms flat and lying on her shoulder blades.  She lessened the pressure of her kisses and he took over again, leaning even further into her, spreading her legs with his own and allowing his hands to come from under the shirt to stroke her beautiful face.    

Even as he started to pull away from her, the energy between them proved too strong.  Just as his lips left hers, she pulled him back to her, one hand grasping his hair while the other felt his chest through a thin T-shirt.  She then bunched up the shirt, pulling the front of it up and out of his pants and proceeded to ease her hand over his hard stomach and chest.  He left his lips on hers, but his hands moved to the open collar of her shirt, fingers sneaking under the strap of the black lace bra she had worn for him and slowly tracing their way down to her soft breast.  Under the bra, he cupped her and felt her nipple harden under his touch.  Quickly his hand moved away and undid the remaining buttons of the shirt.  Spreading the shirt open, he could sense some hesitancy in her, but, moving, he kissed her gently under the ear.  In a soft voice he whispered, “It’s okay,” then touched her earlobe with his tongue.  

She responded by pulling up his own shirt and holding him close to her as he traced her collarbone with his lips.  Since they stood at the same height, their chests and stomachs met and the intensity of the moment grew feverishly.  He kissed her again, hands moving up to her bra straps and pulling the material down.  She arched her back into him, pressing her chest into his.  His legs moved up under her and she was lifted, for a moment, off the ground, astride his lap.  The sheer force of the movement between them was so aggressive that they both didn’t notice any strain.  She raised her hands back to the sides of his face, kissing him long and hard.  He kissed her with equal intensity and moved himself into her spread legs.  A moan escaped her during one quick breath, and he exhaled with a groan beside her ear.

Again she looked at the ceiling, but this time his hands, clenching her sides, pulled her up and, steadying herself against the wall, she wrapped her legs around his waist.  Her back to the wall and her legs around him, she moved her body into him following a slow, very natural rhythm.  

Her breathing steadied.  He kissed her breasts, taking one into his mouth and tracing her nipple with his tongue until she winced from it.  Then he kissed her on the lips again and they held one another very close, skin against skin, legs entwined, arms locked.  

The motion between them ceased, the slow, seductive dance suddenly cut-short when the moment just decided to expire.  She unwrapped her legs from around him and he slowly set her down.  Their breathing was still erratic, but they were relaxing.  She looked at him with those eyes, those unbelievably pure, wide dark eyes, and she wore a smile on her face.  He smiled too, then held her close to him, burying his face in the crook of her neck under her brunette curls.  He was close to her ear, and he wanted to whisper something, but no words came to him.  In the past ten minutes they had said more about how they felt about one another than they could ever have hoped to have described with mere words.  So instead of saying anything, instead of trying to find the right word or phrase, he just kissed her on the neck and tightened his embrace.

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