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I Am Santo

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Be my moon. Be my guide in the grain of dark. I can move with you, baby. We can milk the evening of song and breathe in unison under your glow. There’s home ahead, in the confused tangle of circumstance and failure. Light the way, baby. Find a way to bring me there, naked, palms open and arms wide. Shed cool light on the path, pull the briar from my stuck skin, kiss the lacerations of our discontent and find truth. It’s in your light, baby. It’s there in each night, shy behind the clouds. Bring it out and we’ll see how bright it can burn. We’ll make the sun jealous. #moon #moonlight #tree #shadow #winter #night #lunar #dark #branches #writer #writing #poem #poetry #literary_imagery1 #literary_original (at Glow, Baby)

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