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After the thrive, when promises dripped liked early morning dew, the decay set in; challenging hopes, chasing dreams with the sharpened teeth of reality. They fell, the shared home of their experience dropping away as the might of cacophonous days forced change. Never of heart, but of circumstance.

The wind is what sets this course, each gentle gust a new affirmation. Setting a Northern path, their sinewy forms dip down, scratch at the earth’s surface, and are carried back upward after a silent pause. There is no choice to be made here. There is only flight at the hands of feeling.

Their instinct was to reach for light, always. Veins swollen with reward for greater goods never understood, never believed so much as known, their triumph earned release, gravity’s pull tangling them together in an air dance to unwelcome land below. Nowhere to find root, they clung to shadows and with the help of nature’s breath slid together into new destiny.

When the seasons shift and they collide into spring, they are reborn as one. Perfectly green and moist with heady lust, their stems intersect and together they bear the weight of the first rain.

© jason santo & jennifer summer | 2013

Another collaboration with the immensely talented artist Jennifer Summer, this time it is her photo, my edit, with me writing the first paragraph and us alternating until she wraps it up with what I believe is genius.

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