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“Why am I here?”

It is a question asked by all of us. Each day, people live in fear, in pain, in love, and in joy, yet regardless of their differences, they all find a way to live. Written and directed by Jason Santo, Transients is an experimental short movie presenting a view of the people we encounter every day through an objective third person perspective. Along the way, we begin to understand that those forces affecting our lives may be closer than we think.

Shot on video as a filmmaker collaborative project at the first REwind Video Magazine Festival in August, 2001. Simply put, it was one of the best times being a young moviemaker that I ever had. Meeting all of these super great people from all over North America for the first time – all of them actors, directors, writers themselves – and guiding them through this insane project throught the streets of Rapid City, South Dakota: what a rush! Forever will be a life high point.

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