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Zoom MultiSport: All the Excercise. Twice the Calories.

This is what happens when a friend asks you for a favor and you haven’t shot something in a long, long time. Haha. The tale behind the clip:My friend Art has a serious passion for exercising. Triathlons, iron-man trials, biking, marathons, and what-have-you. You know what else Art likes a lot? BEER. Like, A LOT. […]

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Jason Santo Video Acting Reel

Hey! That’s ME in the movie! The official description: A little bit of drama, a little bit of comedy, and a little bit of action over many, many years of learning the craft of acting. View clips from just a few of the 30+ short movies in which Jason Santo has acted over the past […]

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“Why am I here?” It is a question asked by all of us. Each day, people live in fear, in pain, in love, and in joy, yet regardless of their differences, they all find a way to live. Written and directed by Jason Santo, Transients is an experimental short movie presenting a view of the […]

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