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The sky is robbed of color. What a crafty turn of carelessness, what an act of full hatred. Steal blue, gold, orange drift, and beg at the alter of others’ attention. Maybe pull a tongue, taste a truth, find a lick of Heaven as the monochrome of your exhaustion wears thin, cheesecloth excuses for fleeing attention. My how you rally now! How your thunder rolls across the thick hate of the sky, and how passion boils over from a previously vacant caldron. They’ll enjoy you and your fickle assurances, your horizon dipped low and inviting. And you’ll be free as the day bleeds black, as the frightened sun cowers at the end of your suddenly long nights. Bravo. The crags and character you possess were well hidden beneath an indifferent veneer, sleepy orbits when truth was gravity’s urge. Congratulations on always being on top. You’ve won your turn with a viscous smile and a closed fist crushing your disappointment, your fear, your bitter rival. #cloud #sky #sun #edit #poem #poetry #writer #writing #literary_imagery #literary_originals (at Petty Destroyer)

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