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So many believe it comes with ease, this curl of the lips, the reveal of these artificially strengthened teeth. Nights of correction and discipline, plastic guards pushing straightened lines to appeal. Reaffirming attraction, desirable tendency the bait for suitable match, this clinging hope surrounded every moment as if each laugh was a line cast to the sea, hoping to hook love and magnificently hoist it from infinity. Desire’s banishment was the expectation, a drag through the mud of disappointment, so the smile grew practiced, assured, confident in the dim light of quiet talks at restaurants, theaters, suburban streets lit in orange incandescence with parents safely out of view. Backing invitation, alluring attraction hoped, but always doubtful. Always certain of failure. And thus true happiness is rare fruit, the smile always forced, no emotion ever genuinely playing on the face of this actor. May the spotlight dim so he can finally slink from the stage to meet the true final act. #irispad #rare #smile #real #happy #unhappy #poem #poetry #writer #writing #imagesandwords #literary_imagery #teeth #selfie #closeup (at Forced)

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