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I Am Santo

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Our guardian sat quiet in blue light, shrouded in black, a scar of segmented abdomen serrating and buttressing smooth defense. Protective stone revered by superstitious minds, guided to position by cautious, needy hands to drive away dangerous attractions, fleeting, curious venom arching, diving, stinging, hating. Validity’s swerving grasp proves elusive, yet it remains sat, resolve evident and unswayed by reason, planted in place by reassurance. Observing the shielded, their interactions in small spaces surround it. Infused with their kisses, failings, stumbles, care, worry, and hopes, deep within the rock beats the heart of a family, love its mineral blood, the shine of its coat a radiant strength. From small faith evolves larger knowing; none shall pass. #irispad #rock #daylateandabuckshort #stone #superstition #dragonfly #writer #writing #poetry #poem #imagesandwords #literary_imagery #nofilter (at Protected)

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