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I Am Santo

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On the other side of your gray, I’m bathed in orange nectar; touching that thin membrane holding us here, gliding fingers across cold winds as if learning your skin, piercing souls gathered below in lazy congress. Featureless haze blankets your sun while mine lies open, bare, a reminder of forgotten goals placed further than my reach. It’s a beautiful treachery, this reminder, a soft tugging at the ache of resignation masquerading as indifference. Swaddling in the cotton of misgivings aborts temptation, hiding the bright nurture of candid desires that gather at dawn, and again at dusk, playing at the corners of your complacency. You turn away as I stare directly into the light, blinded. #poem #poetry #sky #clouds #airplane #sunrise #dawn #writer #writing #aisleseatsmakeforcrapphotos (at Glimpse)

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