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Myself, selfish, the selfsame of wonder. Eyes wide, smile quick, hands restless with fruitless endeavor. Words dripping from mouth as a rusty faucet, gravity’s cadence striking cold rhythms. Self stuck, self blamed, self crazed and careless, a heart tarnished by scrutiny of edges, fine curves elusive, hardness abounding with great ragged breaths of disdain. Self hurt, self shame, faithless spin, a top without center, flailing, awkward, stunted gifts and maturity. Look away, mirror gaze lingers, palms closed and breath acrid, slumping under the weight of air. Self missed, selfless, uncertain self dressed, cloaked in night, adorned with stars, a faceless selfie for the masses. Hands clasped, head down, features mysterious, drown, breathe, catch, release, beg and relent. Dark hides nothing. #irispad #facelessselfie #selfie #hands #poem #poetry #writing #writer #photoandimage (at Away)

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