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I Am Santo

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My spirit exposed, a pin-hole camera recording the subtle striations left in mid morning’s wake. Rays of beauty too slight for periphery sorrow, only unflinching hard attention – rebuked affection and a dilated heart. Can you see it? The smallest hint we’re at play in a miracle? Does it matter when you’re off in pursuit of the freshest scent of righteous ownership, the dogged quest to be beautiful and perfect. You want to outshine the sun, steal glory from the center of us all and have a legion bask in your glow. My concrete eyes stare right through such posturing and I love long into futures absent you, my decadent dusk and desolate dawn. #sun #sunlight #sunrays #clouds #sky #autumn #fall #poem #poetry #writer #writing #literary_imagery1 #literary_original (at Midday)

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