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SPINS These rays fall like hope, radiating from solar promise and holding back bleak nights of alone, the fierce dark embrace that presses eyes shut even as they are open, staring at pinhole starlight that careens from hearts light-years in the past, echoing from easy kisses, lust-fueled touch and eager union. What supernova bliss! How […]

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This is graceless, A heart made of ash Reduced by the fanned flames Of self hatred And the inferno of A loathed mirror. How can it not be mud When mixed In waters of forgiveness? Siphoned whoa, The guilty thirst for kindness As verdant leaves cup For early morning rain A gray sky delivering bounty […]

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My spirit exposed, a pin-hole camera recording the subtle striations left in mid morning’s wake. Rays of beauty too slight for periphery sorrow, only unflinching hard attention – rebuked affection and a dilated heart. Can you see it? The smallest hint we’re at play in a miracle? Does it matter when you’re off in pursuit […]

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