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I Am Santo

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My sea is the sky – the crests of waves, clouds, the currents, turbulence. I’ll scale fathoms, grip a handful of atmosphere and taste the salt of it in my palm before I ascend leagues to the depths of thickest blue, the threat of black surrounding every judgement. I could hoist those dark cares as if they were weights many times greater than any I have known. So live in the paltry excuse for forever? Are we all included? Or must we discover no gains for love. For me, that’s when I need to be drawn out to sea, adrift in the vast blue of senseless abandon! But I’m a crow without a murder, and my wire threatens our journey to the gray areas obscuring crystalline skies. #sky #clouds #tugboats #portsmouthnh #water #harbor #poem #poetry #writer #writing (at Set Free)

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