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I Am Santo

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My fires burn the sky. They melt air, turning it to a confused tumult the color of an expiring sun. Tendrils of hope stretch for daydreams, but the chorus awakens with its homilies of a false prophet giving saccharine advice. “Heed your heart,” he claims in a sweet, reedy voice, thin as aged wallpaper in an abandoned farmhouse. “Know your desires and balance them!” There’s no scale upon which one can weigh affection! There’s no prescribed amount to cure a heart’s woe. There’s merely the flooded rage of dusk governing over your restless hustle; the beauty overseeing your clumsy failures. May it all burn in a gorgeous inferno, where our names float with cast of sparks into the cool of night, mixing with stars, #dusk #sunset #pond #reeds #backlit #backlight #fire #poem #poetry #literary_imagery1 #literary_original (at Somewhere Else, Not Here)

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