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More delicious than lost, she’s a battle cry in the sea of adequate. She’s flame in the soft murmer of falling snow. She burns even when it’s impossible to find oxygen under the thick coat of longing’s heavy slumber. The stars lost to the burden of cloud, flakes swirls in the ground light and she dances, head up to greet the cold, breath steaming in a plume as she spins. She wants pregnant joy, to birth perfect bliss, and it keeps her warm as Winter tightens his merciless clutch of forced distance. In the red light later, stripped of coat and armor, delicacy hangs thin over the round of her should, the spread of fabric coating the soft swell of her breast. She parts her lips and the siren call deafens with a nearly in audible sigh. To take her. To lead her to the divine lands where battlements have long been stowed and where men lay with their lovers in earnest, unafraid of storming opinion. “I know you know,” she says, taking his hand as if he were following a roadmap to Heaven. And he leads with tender kisses marking their path to a new home.


Another collaboration with the fascinating @Zeusnursemaiden. Her photo, my minimal edit and words. Stunning inspiration.


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