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I Am Santo

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Listless skies, forgotten moments in the hymnals of ardent passion, and a pinched indulgence soaked in salt, sweat, fire and clinging need. These forests shredded, seas left barren and desert winds driving razor granules into the tender – crimson rivulets coalesce as words fail; as night mercilessly chokes. Were there only a way to suspend a sun’s torrid end. If only the day’s flesh didn’t sear so beautifully. But if there could have been two stars suspended in Heaven, dreaming of torrential joy and the gorgeous pallet eagerly sought. Life dreams, yet minutes judge harshly, and saltwater stings, filling lungs with sweet death, a fade of passions. Unmet, unwelcome, left for dead, the shell of hope washed onshore and rests anchored in the grains of belonging, but regretful of homes left behind; light drowning in a distant horizon. #sunset #portsmouthnh #poem #poetry #harbor #newengland #night #sun #light #evening #writer #writing (at Dusk)

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