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Ghosts don’t travel in sunlight, but there they were, translucent and shimmering outside the gathering storm, souls reaching from a fiery heart fleeing discord.

Even the impending torrential storm won’t quell this blaze. Gathering in the chest, ducking behind a rib, huddled into itself, the restless spirits will continue to nip at the heels of the clouds.

Their shade falls dimly, raising skin to gooseflesh and pulling expired, silent breaths as if in vacuum embrace. Silence cracks anticipation for the rising tumult of harder days, the billowing of conflict, decision, resolve and desires fierce enough to blot out Heaven’s watchful eyes.

And so it comes, the foreseen clamor. Swallowed in the eye of a hungry hurricane, backs break and hips give way, offering up no apologies and seeking no forgiveness.

Ghosts dissipating among wild winds, their kisses pressed kindness against bruising hurt, dying new deaths to speak as support. “Stay true,” they murmur as melody amidst cacophony. Behind eyes pressed shut, their faces appear, skin for caressing.

“Let it all break.”


This is my first IG collaboration, and I’m immensely honored to share the stage with the phenomenally talented artist @jennsummer who I have known for years, but only recently have had the courage to work with. My photo, her edit, and then we took turns during the writing, trading verses. I really hope this is the first of many! #clouds #storm #sky #light #sunlight #collaboration #igcollab #jsjswriting #poem #poetry #writing #writer (at The Fury and Spirit)

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